Fireworks Finale 2018 – 5th November 2018

  • Neighborhood blast
    Pyro 2018

Happy 16th Birthday Lara.

We did the display on a field 70 Meters away from the back garden. I wanted to go BIG this year and have carnage in the sky for as long as possible.

7.5KG NEC, All 1.3g, All Manual firing with a pin board. I had center, left and right (15 meters from center).

I call it neighborhood blast and it certainly was! The fanned Howling Wolves at the end filled the sky with screaming howls palms and crackle.

~~Fire order~~
Global Thunder 188 Shot 20mm CE Single Ignition Barrage.
Howling Wolves 15 Shot 25mm (Only used 15 shots here).
Constellation 200 Shot 20mm Fan Barrage.
King Of The Jungle 168 Shot 20mm Fan Cake.
SHOGUN 36 Shot 30mm in the centre with Omega Bomb 19 Shot 30mm on the left and right.
2x DumBum 25 Shot 30mm in the center and 1 each left and right.
Fanned Howling Wolves center left and right. 5 shots each.

I love pyro, just cant get enough!

Garden View is where all the spectators were, Cam kept going out of focus.

View from 10 meters away.

Fanned Howling Wolves

Fanned Howling Wolves

48KG to move 1/3 mile through the woods.

Center setup

Center setup

The cleanup

The Cleanup