Laser test run 2011


In Feb 2010 I had the idea of building my own laser scanner. I already had a old Red/Green/Yellow scanner I bought a few years ago. So I decided to take it apart and learn how it worked… After lots of reading and long nights I have made a working RGBV analogue modulation scanner.

Now I am working on a PSU and microprocessor controlled analogue modulation board, This will give me full control of each laser. Min-Max power output / Logging / Temp / Error and Fault control.

I have made the analog modulation boards and have the microprocessor board designed. Then its optic alignment and case mods.

Take a look at the Gallery.
This is a test run of the RGBV laser. To view the full 720p videos of the setup, look in the video playlist.

Laser info

  • (Scanners 20Kpps)
  • (Analog modulation or TTL input )
  • (Dual Red 650nm @ 540mw~)
  • (Green 532nm @ 400mw~)
  • (Violet 405nm @ 180mw~)
  • (Blue 445nm @ 1W~)
  • (ILDA) Maximum values NOT used.