14 Shot 20mm Flash TI Salute cake


10 x 1 gram Flash with 5% TI
2 x 3 gram Flash with 10% TI
2 x 4 gram Flash,  Did not take a photo of the extra shots added.

I was going to use this at the end of my 5th of November show, but I had space limitations and did not feel it safe to use it.

14Shot_25mm_01 14Shot_25mm_02 14Shot_25mm_03 14Shot_25mm_04 14Shot_25mm_05 14Shot_25mm_06 14Shot_25mm_07 14Shot_25mm_08 14Shot_25mm_09 14Shot_25mm_10 14Shot_25mm_11 14Shot_25mm_12 14Shot_25mm_13 14Shot_25mm_14 14Shot_25mm_15 14Shot_25mm_16 14Shot_25mm_17 14Shot_25mm_18 14Shot_25mm_19 14Shot_25mm_20 14Shot_25mm_21 14Shot_25mm_22 14Shot_25mm_23


The wind kind of takes away from how loud it was.
Here is a comparison of the 1g and 3g that was made during testing. No titanium.