pirotechnika review


pirotechnika Order 2013

This is my first order from http://www.pirotechnika.info and I have to admit I was unsure if I should order or not. I have made many orders from several pyro sites over the years and have mixed experiences. I first contacted Dawid at pirotechnika to enquire about shipping costs for my order, I received a response within the hour and was very happy with the shipping prices.

I paid for my order the next day and received a email from Dawid that night with my tracking number.
7 days later my order arrived.

I ordered

  • 3mm Visco fuse, 100m roll
  • Electric igniter, eMatch, 0,3m, 50 pcs
  • Talon igniter, 0,3m, 50 pcs

I tested the 3mm Visco and I have to say for the price it is top quality.
I cut 3 lengths at 10 CM each and tested it for consistency, They all burned 0.9 seconds per CM.


eMatch and Talon igniter Test here.


I am very happy with my order and the service I received from pirotechnika.
Top quality items at low prices, Fast and friendly communication, Fast and cheap shipping.