eMatch and Talon igniter test

eMatch Talon


The eMatches and Talons were purchased from http://www.pirotechnika.info

I have done a few test with them.

  • How fast will they ignite
  • How much current do they take to ignite
  • Take a look at them under the microscope
  • High speed recording (120FPS + 3x Slow motion)

I tested 5 of each eMatch and Talon.

12v was applied for 250mS with a max available current of 5A

  1. 160mA
  2. 152mA
  3. 149mA
  4. 176mA
  5. 169mA

Average ignite current – 161.2mA
Average resistance – 1.1Ω

12v was applied for 250mS with a max available current of 5A

  1. 1.29A
  2. 1.56A
  3. 1.43A
  4. 1.51A
  5. 1.37A

Average ignite current – 1.43A
Average resistance – 1.6Ω